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Kordinat is a company that enables firms to create intellectual assets through innovation, protect them by means of efficient patent and trademark strategies, and achieve the desired monetary earnings.
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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an innovation methodology based on thinking like a designer to set a path after having observed and identified the needs  …

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TRIZ and GTI are innovative problem solving techniques that serve as useful tools of systematic innovation…

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New Product Development

New product development methodology gives the opportunity to develop new products and services that are likely to achieve success on the market …

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Technology and Competitor Analysis

More successful competition strategies can be developed and implemented if both the market and competitors…

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International Patent Protection

If, after an innovation is patented in its country of origin, the relevant patent has a commercial value such patent must be patented within …

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International Trademark Protection

In fact, it is sufficient for a trademark to be registered only in the country, where the company’s headquarters…

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