About Us

About Us


Kordinat acts as a proxy for the protection of all intellectual property rights, in particular trademark, patent and design.

Kordinat offers value added services in the fields of Innovation, R&D and New Product Development in order to increase the intellectual capital of companies and increase their competitiveness. It guarantees the values obtained as a result of these activities with intellectual property rights.


Our Mission and Vision

What Do We Aim?

Our main objective is to increase the intellectual capital values of our customers and to provide them with value-added services under the most favorable conditions in order to contribute to their competitiveness and to provide them with the material and moral gain we deserve.

Our Standards

How Do We Work?

Kordinat works in order to reach the targets it has determined;

  • During all of its work, it focuses on the question “What can I do?” that increases the competitiveness of the customer. It does not recommend and implement something that is not in the best interest of the customer, even if it is losing money.
  • It works to increase the intellectual capital values of the customers in the trademark, patent and design services it provides.
  • Although there is capacity to serve all sectors, it focuses on firms that regard innovation and intellectual property as the main competitive strategy.
  • It provides effective and unbiased analysis at the beginning of the service to the customers, and maximum information during the service
  • It keeps communication alive during the service it provides to customers.
  • For this purpose, it carries out continuous training, implementation and development activities for the team.
  • It prioritizes the moral and material happiness of the team.

Our Staff

Nurbahar Deryeler
Patent Uzman Yardımcısı , Endüstri Mühendisi
Gözdenur ULU
Patent Uzman Yardımcısı , Kimya Mühendisi
İnovasyon Danışmanı
Yeni Ürün Geliştirme Danışmanı-Eğitmen ve Danışman-Strategy2Market Kurucu Ortağı
Yeni Ürün Geliştirme Danışmanı-Eğitmen ve Danışman-Strategy2Market Kurucu Ortağı
İnovasyon ve GTI Danışmanı-Triz Uzmanı-Institute of Professional Innovators Kurucusu
Doç. Dr. Hüseyin İMREK
Teknoloji Danışmanı -Makine Dizayn Mühendisi
Patent Uzman Yardımcısı-Mekatronik Mühendisi
Operasyon Sorumlusu-Patent ve Marka Uzmanı-Elektronikçi
Orhan Eriman
Kordinat Yönetici Ortağı-Türk Patent Ve Marka Vekili-Avrupa Patent Vekili
Hasan Demirkıran
Kordinat Yönetici Ortağı-Türk Patent Ve Marka Vekili-Avrupa Patent Vekili
Our Customers


Our Services


KORDINAT, while providing patent attorneyship services to companies, it examines and understands the innovations they make in detail and proposes appropriate patent strategies for these innovations to be successful in the market. Prepared patent files are organized by considering patent attack, defense, and license leasing, etc. strategies to be used later. Kordinat provides these services by patent attorneys with experienced engineer origin.

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KORDİNAT works for effective management of intellectual property in official application, registration and post-registration procedures and providing maximum benefit to its customers by starting from the first creation of the trademark. For this purpose, trademark is not only considered as an official application to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

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KORDİNAT offers consultancy and attorneyship services to its customers on from creating design strategy to design application and registration in Turkey and all over the world, from procedures after registration to design infringement analyzes that will make their companies maximum advantage in the design cases they face.

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KORDINAT offers a wide range of services from innovation ideas to trainings, from solution of technical problems to system design. In the services it provides, it is directly involved in projects and prefers to manage projects such as problem solving and increasing profitability. Besides, it strengthens the staffing pattern of its customers with trainings.

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KORDINAT provides Innovation consultancy to increase the competitiveness of companies and people. In the consultancy it gives, it prioritizes the company’s ability to produce and measure maximum intellectual property values in a measurable way.

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