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Gainful R&D

Research and Development (R&D) is an important component of innovation. Particularly companies with special focus on production and technology are required to allocate sufficient money, time and personnel for R&D. However, it may be hard for small and medium-sized companies to really focus on R&D in a fierce competitive environment.

Gainful R&D™ is a R&D project management service for companies that need to develop new products or production methods to gain advantage over their competitors, but cannot allocate the sufficient amount of money, manpower and time.

Gainful R&D™ is an outsourced R&D management project developed by Kordinat for SMEs after having examined the successful examples abroad.

Gainful R&D™ gives companies the chance to entrust their R&D activities, which are of vital importance for them but somehow can’t find the chance to allocate the required time, effort or money, to the expert R&D Project Management of Kordinat, while they can concentrate on their production, sales, after-sales, and management activities. To guarantee the successful outcome of a project, the project management of Kordinat commits itself to:

  • analyze the project’s feasibility and competitiveness, thereby calculating whether the product or process developed in a project will be successful against the customer’s competitors. R&D projects with low success chance are eliminated. The ultimate aim is to achieve 100% success.
  • conclude non-disclosure agreements and intellectual property (patent) agreements. The aim is to protect the customer’s know-how.
  • ensure that the project costs are finances by TUBITAK, KOSGEB or the European Union. The aim is to lower the costs.
  • seek and establish contact with specialists working at universities, if necessary, appoint them and monitor their activities. The aim is to benefit from expertise at lowest cost.
  • employ efficient R&D management methods to make the project yield a product or production method in shortest time possible so that the market can be penetrated quicker. The aim is to penetrate the market fast and turn the efforts into cash asap.
  • if possible, obtain a patent for the developed product or production method. The aim is to lock out the competitors.
  • As result of these efforts, the customer will be able to develop new products or services at reduced R&D costs up to 30-40%, thereby gaining advantage over its competitors.

By offering Gainful R&D™ services to its customers, Kordinat ensures that its customers reach their desired R&D results at lowest cost in the shortest time possible, thereby boosting up their competitiveness.