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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is a whole different branch of expertise that covers industrial property rights and copyrights such as patents, trademarks and designs. Management of intellectual property requires to have very good command of intellectual property law as well as experience in various practices such as research, application, objection, registration and consultancy. Therefore, all innovations, patents and trademark activities that companies engage in with the aim to increase their intellectual capital must be performed with the support of lawyers who have very good command of intellectual property law.

In most developed countries, lawyers working in the field of intellectual property have an engineering background. Since the Turkish education system is based on acquiring the legal profession as an occupation and pursuing one’s career in the field of law, engineering knowledge is a missing element of intellectual property law in Turkey. It is obvious that many patent cases are lost due to lack of engineering knowledge and technical patent knowledge.

Kordinat is working in collaboration with lawyers who act as patent representatives with engineering background and special focus on patent law. Practical knowledge on patent practices along with theoretical knowledge on patent law and official expertise before courts give the patent representatives of Kordinat the chance to provide more value-added services to their customers. The engineers and lawyers working for Kordinat ensure that their customers have a strong position and be the winning party in all sorts of intellectual property cases.

The patent representatives of Kordinat with engineering background provide consultancy services not only for their own customers, but also law offices that operate in field of patent law and are need of support by engineers.