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Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual property management involves the management of industrial property rights and copyrights such as all patents, trademarks and designs owned by a company. Many companies believe mistakenly that the registration certificates held them are guarantee for their intellectual property rights. For this reason, it happens quite often that a company loses the protection of its intellectual assets, for which it had allocated very serious budgets. Sometimes companies fail to follow their competitors and the intellectual property publications in the sector, so that they may remain blind to third parties getting hold of the company’s intellectual assets by unjust means.

Companies need to create innovative and brand-focused strategies in order to create added value and achieve the desired high profits both in their products and services. Undoubtedly, innovative and brand-focused strategies require proper management of intellectual properties. Unless managed by professional patent and trademark representatives, intellectual property will become an expense gate or fail to provide the desired benefits.

The Intellectual Property Management services by Kordinat help its customers ensure an efficient protection and management of intellectual assets originating during the course of their activities. Thanks to Intellectual Property Management services, companies find the chance to ensure efficient management of their intellectual rights at much lower costs, but maximum benefit.