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New Product Development

New Product Development (NPD) is not the same as R&D. With New Product Development, companies try to get ahead of their competitors by making improvements in their products or in the presentation thereof. The improvements made in their products can have a technical aspect developed through R&D or they can be marketing-oriented only, i.e. in form of visual improvements in packaging or in form of improved branding without any R&D. As a result, New Product Development is a rather marketing-oriented activity.

Many companies perform their New Product Development activities by trial and error. It is not possible to measure the efficiency of these activities, because the successes achieved by the companies have a concealing effect on their failures. In contrast, the successful performance of NPD activities should be ensured by the use of a systematic NPD methodology, because the generation of new product ideas, concept development, feasibility, testing and launching activities may lead to significant loss of time, cost and labor if not performed in a systematic way.

Kordinat meets the NPD needs of its customers in line with the professional standards set by the American Product Development and Management Association (PDMA). NPD projects are performed by in-house experts, while in certain projects the support of international partnerships is sought if necessary.

Kordinat offers active consultancy services for the NPD activities of its customers, thereby helping them develop projects that will be successful on the market in the shortest time possible, while enhancing the know-how of NPD teams.