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Patent Portfolio Management

Firms that want to have a say in the world with regard to a specific technologic field or a product must have an significant know-how on that subject. Undoubtedly, comprehensive know-how cannot be obtained through a single patent, because a single patent actually means that a lot of R&D can be done in the related field, and that the competitors may work on the same field to derive new patents that could deprive the patent of its value or even break it. Therefore, companies that want to have a say in a technologic field should acquire new patent rights through new improvements after having obtained a basic patent (core patent) in that field. Thus, the company may obtain multiple patents in the same field. If the company implements this strategy also for different products, the company may obtain a large number of patents in a large variety of fields.

The more companies engage in R&D and NPD activities, the more patents they will hold. While some of these patents are of high value, some will be worthless and constitute nothing but a cost item. Unless good Patent Portfolio Management is performed, companies will not be able to make efficient use of their patents. What is even more important is that in technological fields, which a company might believe to be under patent protection, someone else might possibly attempt and eventually succeed to break or circumvent the company’s patent. In cases like this, the company might even lose its assertiveness in the relevant technologic field.

The knowledgeable and experienced patent representatives of Kordinat help its customers manage their patents efficiently. The Patent Portfolio Management services ensure an efficient return on patent investments, coupled with minimum patent costs at maximum benefit.