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Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is a dealing between the creator of a technologic innovation and a person or entity that wants to use that innovation without having to take the trouble from developing the same technology anew. Technology transfer may be between companies that develop technology and companies that want to use it, or between universities that develop technology and companies that are practitioners of that technology.

The person producing a technology may be different from the person using that technology. For instance, the “Bluetooth technology” is a technology developed by the Swedish Ericsson company to enable data communication in electronic devices, but is utilized by several companies within scope of technology licensing. Another good example that can be given to technology develop by universities and then get commercialized in industry is the Google search engine. Technology transfer is an income channel for companies or institutions that produce technology, and a tool for users that enables them to reach results in short time at low cost.

Good management of transfer operations in companies requires a whole different expertise. Excellent management is required for the benefit of the company during value estimation of the technology subject to transfer, transfer negotiations, and signing of agreement.

With regard to the management of technology transfer operations in universities, special expertise is required in order to ensure that the university is channelized to the right projects, that the companies chosen from the market have the competencies needed for the projects, and the signing of contracts.

Within scope of consultancy services for technology transfer operations, Kordinat is offering agency and consultancy services to help companies find the right technologies, sign the most favorable agreements, or as the case may be, help universities find the companies to which they may sell their technologies.