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Unlike industrial rights, copyrights are intellectual property rights that serve as protection notably for “artwork“ such as books, music, paintings or sculptures. In its most general sense, copyrights that do not require registration in contrast to patents, trademarks or designs serve as a form of author’s rights in Turkey. Protection of copyrights in Turkey is guaranteed by Law No. 5846 on national level and the BERN Convention on international level.

Pursuant to the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Work, copyrights have a very broad area of application including artistic works, scientific works, works of art, movies, music etc. as well as the internet and computer programs. Computer programs, and in particular computer coding, are also regarded as artistic work and therefore fall into the scope of copyrights. However, certain computer programs that comprise technical advantage might fall into the scope of patents.

The aim of Kordinat in offering consultancy services regarding the protection of copyrights is to provide maximum advantage to its customers in every industry, notably for works created during marketing activities, commercialization of artistic activities, and protection of computer programs.