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Protection of Computer Programs

Although the protection of computer programs is included in the scope of copyright in Turkey, software with a technical aspect are sometimes included into the scope of patents apart from copyrights in countries like the United States or Japan. Computer programs are more or less associated with almost every sector of industry, and it is not sufficient to try protect them with copyrights only. Although there are groups opposing this all over the world, it is only a matter of time that the patenting of software logic (business method) with a technical advantage and technical benefit, apart from software code, will eventually become prevalent also in Turkey.

The first question asked by Kordinat for the protection of computer programs is “is it a mere program or does it constitute a part of a technical system? Or does the software logic bring a technical benefit or advantage?”. If the computer program is a mere program such as an accounting or CRM program, the required representation procedures are initiated for an efficient copyright protection in Turkey. If the computer program is part of an electronic circuit, a machine or system, there might be the possibility to protect the program by patent rights. These protection strategies are applied before all relevant bodies including the European Patent Office, the U.S. Patent Office, WIPO and Turkish Patent.