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Design is a word that is used in many areas. Generally speaking, design is understood to be an engineered product or system design, especially when created by people who work in the technical field. However, design in the sense of intellectual property is the appearance of product as a whole or in part that is characterized by certain elements or features that can be perceived by human senses such as lines, shapes, colors, forms, textures, material flexibility or ornaments. In the most general sense, it is understood as two-dimensional or three-dimensional visual innovations made to patterns or models. Even though the term “industrial design” is used most frequently in literature, only “design” is used in recent times.

Since design is a non-technological work that is created directly by the educated human mind, its implementation to products is cheaper than developing a whole new technology or new products. At least, it doesn’t require high investments such as R&D. For instance, the work of a talented designer can be sufficient to get started.

In today’s competitive environment, the effects of design can be seen in many areas from automobile design to carpet design, from web site design to packaging design, from garment design to ceramic pattern, and from fabric design to furniture design. Successful designs capable to draw the customers’ attention and make them “fall in love” with the product so that they feel an irresistible desire to” buy it” can be found in many areas, without the need to employ advanced technology or engage in new product development activities. These successful designs are undoubtedly those that directly affect the sales volumes and increase the company’s competitiveness.

In the field of intellectual property, companies can gain competitive advantage through proper management and registration of designs. To that end, it is important to use a design as competition strategy starting from the moment it is created to the moment it is registered and even after that.

The aim of Kordinat in offering consultancy and representation services within scope of design infringement analysis is to provide maximum advantage to its customers, ranging from the generation of design strategies to design application and registration procedures, and from post-registration activities to design lawsuits.