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How we work?

Kordinat acts according to following principles to achieve its objectives:

Special focus is placed to the question “What can we do?” in order to increase the customer’s competitiveness during all activities. Nothing to the disadvantage of the customer is suggested or implemented even if we will lose money in the end.

Kordinat never prefers to work with any arbitrary company operating in any sector, but with companies that adopt innovation and intellectual property tools as their fundamental competition strategy.

Kordinat prefers to establish open communication with its customers. The same approach is expected from customers in order that Kordinat can empathize with the customer’s business and create maximum added value for them.

Kordinat employs qualified labor at high costs to provide maximum benefit for its customers during the performance of services. Kordinat adopts not a cost-oriented, but solution-oriented work attitude.

Kordinat always pushes the limits to accomplish the positive results promised to customers.

To that end, continuous training, practice, and improvement activities are performed for its   staff.

The material and moral happiness of its staff is always kept in the forefront.