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Technology and Competitor Analysis

Innovation and R&D are competition strategies in the real sense of the word. Therefore, companies engaging in innovation and R&D activities must very well know their sector and competitors. In order to find out the technologic standing of companies that conduct business in the same sector and in particular of competitors, it may not suffice to know their sales prices, view their websites or examine their new products exhibited at fairs. To perform innovation and R&D projects by this method would be like diving into water without knowing its depth.


In contrast to classic marketing analysis, Technology and Competitor Analysis comprises the reporting of important data about the technologic standing of companies in the sector that in particular engage in innovation and R&D projects, by whom the R&D projects are performed, and by whom patent rights are obtained in which country about which topic. Thereby, there is definitely an increased chance to achieve successful results by identifying the best strategies on the basis of these data in innovation and R&D activities.


By offering Technology and Competitor Analysis services, Kordinat helps its customers to identify a correct and efficient competition strategy that will lead them to success.