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This is a systematic innovation technique developed after World War II by Genrich Altshuller, an Engineer doing military service in the Black Sea Russian Navy. The biggest difference of this innovation technique from other techniques is that it suggests certain types of solutions to certain types of problems instead of solutions that can be generated through free thinking methods like brainstorming as in other innovation techniques. The system is based on Genrich Altshuller’s efforts to identify and establish a standard for the types of paths followed by people for solving different types of problems, based on solutions which Genrich Altshuller compiled by examining thousands of patents. Thus, this method suggests the shortest way to follow when looking out for innovations that will help solving the problems, and ensures that efforts made in line with this objective reach to fruition.

Although the TRIZ method first appeared in the former Soviet Union, it became widespread in America in the 1980s and then spread out to the entire world. TRIZ is now widespread all over the world, notably in the US, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan. TRIZ innovation methodology has taken on various forms that will develop over time. Greg Yezersky, who is the pupil of the inventor of TRIZ, Genrich Altshuller, and improved Genrich Altshuller’s method by incorporating the market factor into the original TRIZ methodology so that it would be successful on the market, has been explaining and implementing his GTI method throughout the world. In Turkey, Greg Yezersky is collaborating with Kordinat to provide training and consultancy services to prominent companies in Turkey.

While using the TRIZ and GTI (General Theory of Innovation) methodology, Kordinat is making use of a sectoral expert network that has very good command of the TRIZ method both in Turkey and other regions of the world.