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In the free market, competition strategy in its broadest sense is divided into two groups:

  1. a) Cost-oriented competition strategy, and
  2. b) Competition strategy based on technologic advantage.

Generally speaking, Turkey is not a suitable country for cost-oriented competition. Even if we would let aside the tax rates, energy rates, raw materials and finance costs, it is not possible for labor costs in Turkey to compete with the low labor costs in China, India, Bangladesh etc. The labor costs in Turkey are three times higher than them. Therefore, except for a few exceptional cases, Turkish companies have no other chance but to adopt a competitive strategy based on technologic advantage in lieu of a cost-oriented competition strategy.

As the technologic race in the world is getting more fierce with each passing day, the only way is to make innovations no matter how small or how big in products, production methods or services and to get these innovations protected by intellectual property rights, notably patents.

What the industry generally understands of a patent is to “make an invention that will shake the world “. But in fact, patents are certificates of protection which are given for innovations that are new, applicable to the industry, and contain an inventive step. In the most general sense, a patent is a protection certificate given to technical innovations. As the description implies, patents are not only granted to inventions that will shake the world, but it is possible that a patent is granted also for an innovation which gives a technical advantage to a manufacturing or service company.

According to data of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office, also known as European Patent Institute (EPI), over 1.500.000 patent applications are filed worldwide in a single year. This means that millions of patentable inventions are made worldwide, but a patent application is filed only for some of them.

If companies make innovations and consider the patent as a mere procedural process, perhaps they may get to obtain a patent or utility model registration certificate. If seen from this perspective, patents are nothing but expenditure. But the real purpose of patents is to obtain a “monopoly right” in a product or production method, with the ultimate aim to outpace the competitors. In this sense, patents are an efficient weapon for companies which adopt innovation as their competition strategy.

Within scope of patent representation services offered to companies, Kordinat performs an in-depth analysis of the innovations made by these companies to identify the best patent strategy that will make these innovations successful on the market. The prepared patent documents are prepared with an eye to patent attack or defense strategies that will be used in future. Kordinat offers these services through experienced patent representatives with engineering background.