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Patent Licensing and Assignment

Patents are intangible assets owned by companies or individuals. Just like tangible movable or immovable assets, patents can also be made subject to transactions like sale, leasing, heritage etc. Among these transactions, licensing (lease) and transfer (direct sale) transactions are the ones most frequently used in the market. Licensing agreements are signed when a patent (or utility model) application or a registered patent (or utility model) are licensed to at least one entity for use during a certain period of time, whereas transfer agreements are signed for their sale. Undoubtedly, a good strategy and implementation skills are an indispensable prerequisite for concluding license agreements or transfer agreements that will bring maximum benefit for both the patent owner and the buyer or leaser.

Kordinat offers consultancy services for patent/utility model licensing or transfer agreements in order to ensure that patents or utility models are licensed or sold under best possible leasing/sales conditions with maximum gain for the proprietor. Performance of these services requires without doubt that several issues are taken into account such as patent valuation, license fees, license terms, patent violations etc. in order to conclude solid contracts. Besides, professional patent representation services are provided for recording the transactions at the Turkish Patent Institute.