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Patent Objection

Objections play an important role when trying to obtain a patent right or when competitors try to obtain a patent right unjustly. Objections and giving opinion are as important as preparation and submission of patent files. All activities must be performed with due diligence as if preparing a case file. Indeed, objection files are frequently used and serve as basis in patent suits.

Objections must be filed within 6 months subsequent to a patent registration decision, and within 3 months in case of utility model publications. It is important that companies follow the patent applications made in their specific field of business, notably by their competitors, and raise objection against applications which they think ineligible to obtain a patent or utility model. This requires that patent bulletins be followed and that objections are raised against application and registration decisions as necessary.

Kordinat is working with a team of engineers and lawyers to examine not only the negative decisions made by the Turkish Patent Institute at the stage of patent application, but also objections raised by third parties as well as objections raised by its customers against other patents. Objections and statements are issued by patent representatives with engineering background in line with the conclusions drawn as result of these evaluations.