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Freedom to Operate

New products and technologies that have emerged in the last 20 years have a high probability of patent protection. Companies intending to invest in a product or technology are therefore required to investigate whether there is patent protection for the intended product or technology in Turkey or elsewhere in the world. These activities are referred to as “Freedom to operate” or “Patent Clearance” in international literature.

Patent research on its own is not sufficient to achieve freedom to operate. Indeed, when evaluating whether a new production or a R&D project subject to production bears any risk in terms of patents, the research should be accompanied by analysis, risk level assessment and identification of mitigating measures against the identified risks, if any. Actually, patent search can be done using the ESPACENET database free of charge. However, since this database is not very suitable for reporting, the use of paid databases is required. It is necessary to determine whether the identified patents related to the product or technology to be produced constitute a risk from the technical point of view, which geographical regions and what kind of risks are involved from the legal point of view and, if any, suggest solutions. In addition to theoretical patent knowledge, serious engineering and innovation knowledge is required for this purpose.

The “Freedom to Operate” services by Kordinat are performed using comprehensive databases to review patents and technical data (articles, books etc.) from all over the world. The obtained data are analyzed, interpreted and delivered by observing the customer’s interest.

The Freedom to Operate reports prepared by representatives of Kordinat comprise only the identified risks and suggested strategies that can be adopted to mitigate these risks. Thus, the customer can adopt a more solution-oriented attitude that will make the customer gain advantage over its competitors.