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Global Intelligence Agency (GIA)

Every single day, thousands of new technologies, new designs, new products or new brands emerge in almost every sector of industry worldwide. Companies set their own competition strategies by watching their own sectors and especially their competitors. Almost every single company adopts a competitive strategy, regardless of the company’s size, either in written or unwritten form. While large-scale corporate companies have written competition strategies, the competitive strategy of small-scale companies is usually written in the mind of the company’s founder or executive manager. When identifying their competition strategy, companies often combine the information they get from the sector with their own information. Market monitoring is done mostly through newspapers, journals, fairs, sectoral publications or by buying rival product on the market. However, in times like this, where competition conditions are changing and becoming even more challenging day by day, it is definitely not sufficient to watch the market and competitors by these fumbling means.

Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) is a tracking service that enables customers to track new technologies, new products, and new brands developed by the industry they are working in and specially by their competitors, for the aim of providing instant competition intelligence.

GIA provides competitive intelligence information to companies, primarily about their industry and competitors, including technical and market information that will boost up the companies’ competitiveness. Companies that make use of competition intelligence become capable to:

  • closely follow the technologic developments in the sector and shape their R&D investments accordingly.
  • follow the design trends in the sector and shape their new product and design activities accordingly.
  • follow the new technical or non-technical products that penetrate the sectoral market and shape their new product developments accordingly, with special focus on marketing.
  • follow the R&D investments in the sector to get informed about R&D investments notably in developed countries, and get prepared for international partnerships.
  • follow the new trademarks that penetrate the sector or trademarks similar to the company’s own trademark in order to take necessary measures for the purpose of reinforced branding activities.
  • follow not only the sector, but especially the moves of their competitors in order to develop improved competition strategies.

The GIA product by Kordinat offers technical and commercial competition intelligence information from all over the world including Turkey. Thereby, Kordinat helps its customer develop efficient R&D and marketing strategies. Companies using the GIA product get more successful than their competitors thanks to dynamic decision-making.