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Patent Breaking & Patent Circumvention

Over the last two decades, many new products and technologies have been taken under patent protection. But it is not possible for a company to compete against their competitors with old technologies or old products. For this reason, companies will encounter patents when developing a new product, production method or technology. Some companies make use of patent research or “freedom to operate” reports in order to identify this risk beforehand when developing a new product, production method, or technology, whereas others face this risk only after their products are launched on the market.

The patent risks faced during the production or launching of a new product or technology can be manifold. For example, direct use of a patent registered in the U.S. but not registered in Turkey does not bear any risk in Turkey or in other countries where the patent is not registered. However, if a company does engage in production or sales and if there is a patent-related obstacle, the company must review its investments and the risks inherent to them, because producing and selling a patented product poses a huge risk that can have severe consequences, even windup of the company. For this reason, it is necessary to find solution against patent-related obstacles.

Some of the patent obstacles faced by companies can be solved by representatives who are specialized in patents. But some patents are difficult to overcome, perhaps even impossible. In order to overcome patent obstacles, methodologies must be employed which, beyond the knowledge of classic patent representation, are intended for the technical field, have good command of patents and are developed to specifically overcome the patent obstacles. The most effective methodology known in the world for overcoming patent obstacles is the TRIZ methodology. The TRIZ methodology is basically a methodology of invention which was created in connection with the use of patents. Patent obstacles can be overcome only by engineers who are well versed in TRIZ and patenting issues. This process referred to as patent breaking or patent circumvention can also be defined as accelerated R&D activity.

The patent breaking or patent circumvention services at Kordinat are performed by expert patent representatives and TRIZ specialists who are experienced in patent obstacles. Success rates of patent breaking or patent circumvention activities performed to date is over 90%.

With success rates that high, Kordinat is assertive in patent breaking or patent circumvention.