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Patent Due Diligence Report

In essence, patents are legal documents that protect a technologic novelty. Many patent applications can be made on a subject. The first patent for airbags used in vehicles, for instance, was acquired by the German Walter Linderer in the 1950s, and then immediately afterwards by American John Hedrik in 1953 in form of a different version. Nowadays, the patented basic airbag logic can be used by everyone because the protection period has expired. But, the mentioned two patents from the 1950s are not the only patents relevant for airbags. Today there are hundreds of patents related to airbags. Some of these patents are invaluable, others are worthless. As can be understood from this example, it must be evaluated to what extent the patents can be regarded due diligent.

In this context, a study must be performed, which is referred to as “Patent Due Diligence” in international literature, in order to determine how useful a patent is in technical and legal terms. Good understanding of the issue at stake is an indispensable prerequisite for a proper Patent Due Diligence report, followed by identification, analysis and review of related patents worldwide, the technical aspects protected by them, and the territories in which these aspects are protected in the legal sense.

Patent Due Diligence reports are generally used during the licensing or sales of patented technologies or products. Patents constitute the fundamental basis of a large majority of technology transfer agreements. In leasing (licensing) and transfer procedures that involve a patent, proper Patent Due Diligence reports are obviously highly needed in order to determine how important a discussed patent is in the technical sense, and whether its sufficiently protected in the legal sense.

Patent Due Diligence reports by Kordinat are prepared through experienced patent representatives from an objective perspective, regardless whoever the patent owner is. Moreover, consultancy services are provided to help the investor or patent owner make maximum gains.