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Success Stories

Up to the present day, Kordinat has collaborated with several domestic and foreign companies within scope of innovation, R&D, patent and trademark development projects. Some of these projects are:

Machinegun Development Project with the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (MKE)

KORDINAT played an active role in the domestic machinegun development project conducted by Turkey’s most significant defense industry company, name the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (MKE). KORDINAT actively participated in national and international patenting procedures of the machinegun developed through comprehensive review of patented machinegun systems in the world, analysis and identification of probable patent risks, and extensive R&D activities.

R&D Department Patent Strategies Project with ASELSAN

KORDINAT performed trainings on “patent strategies and practices in R&D departments” at the R&D center of ASELSAN, a leading electronic defense industry company of Turkey, with the participation of more than a hundred R&D engineers.

R&D Department Innovatıon & TRIZ Practices Project with CALIK DENIM

KORDINAT performed practical TRIZ training at the R&D center of CALIKDENIM, a leading denim manufacturer of Turkey. Thanks to TRIZ which is a very challenging R&D methodology, innovative solutions have been introduced to the textile sector in a very short time to satisfy its urgent need for innovation in the field of products, production method and working methods.

ARMOYA Patent and Trademark Protection Project

KORDINAT obtained national and international patent protection for the data compression and security software of ARMOYA, a company conducting business in the software sector, and registered the company’s product brands.

DAF ENERGY Innovation, Patent and Trademark Management Project

KORDINAT provided innovation and patent consultancy services for DAF ENERGY, a company conducting business in the field of heating systems. Patent protection has been obtained for the develop products. The company’s trademarks have been taken under protection, and consultancy services have been provided for business partnerships established with international companies.