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The goods and services produced worldwide, whether in physical terms or in the shape of service or information, pass into perhaps thousands of different hands from the moment of their initial production until they reach the final user or even after that, with the contribution of hundreds of companies. For instance, a shoe produced from raw materials that originate from China to some part and from Korea and Brazil to other parts may be designed in Italy, produced in Turkey and sold in Germany or in the US. This or other similar circumstances can be the case in almost all goods or services produced. In an environment like this, where the goods or services pass into other hands several times and where the buyer cannot know for certain how much contribution was made by whom or what the quality of the individual work steps is, the most important trust factor that can be ever maintained is Trademark.

Although a trademark in its general sense is known to be a name or logo, it is in fact much more than that: a complex and valuable intellectual capital that must be protected. Trademark is the past and future of a product. Companies compile all their competitive efforts under a trademark, which they offer to their customers in order to make the desired gains. Therefore, the creation and registration of a trademark, along with everything that might follow, must be managed in the best way possible.

Starting from the first moment a trademark is created, Kordinat makes its best efforts to ensure effective management of intellectual property in official application, registration and post-registration procedures in order to provide maximum benefit to its customers. For this, Kordinat does not consider the trademark as a mere official application made to the Turkish Patent Institute, but works with knowledgeable and experienced trademark representatives for an efficient trademark management from trademark creation to application, from trademark registration to its use on the market.