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Trademark Infringement Analysis

The examination of whether a trademark (or sign) used for a product or service violates a registered mark is a matter of expertise. Thanks to good analysis, companies can tackle an important issue such as escaping trademark cases of vital importance without suffering any harm, whereas bad or incomplete analysis can lead to huge losses as result of a trademark case that might lead even to forced windup. Therefore, analysis of a trademark infringement is far beyond analyzing whether a trademark is similar to a registered trademark, but to analyze whether a name, logo, sign, registered or unregistered trademark has any resemblance to a registered trademark in view of applicable trademark laws. Undoubtedly, such a trademark infringement analysis requires very good command of trademark laws as well as profound experience in trademark practices.

The aim of Kordinat in offering trademark infringement analysis services is to provide maximum advantage to its customers by working with knowledgeable and experienced trademark representative with legal background.