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Trademark Objections

Refusals and objections during trademark application as well as objections raised against other applications are an important part of intellectual property practices, because an objection system is established by the Turkish Property Law No. 6769. The fact that a trademark is first published before registration and the right to raise objection against it help to prevent certain trademark disputes turn into lawsuits, thereby reducing the subsequent costs. Therefore, it should be taken normal if one or more objections are raised against a patent application. But what must not be neglected is that submission of a mere petition against an objection or refusal will not suffice, but it requires a whole lot of theoretical and practical knowledge by experts to obtain a right or not to lose already obtained rights.

Kordinat employs legal professionals acting as Trademark Representative to deal with objections and statements in cases where a trademark application is refused by the Turkish Patent Institute, an objection is filed against the customers’ trademarks published in the official trademark bulletin or in connection with objections raised by its customers against the publication of trademarks that are similar to the customers’ trademarks.