European Patent Application is made to European Patent Office (EPO) with e-signature system by a European Patent Attorney in Turkey. EPO reviews applications and it may also grant a European patent which can be protected in the member countries. A single application is sufficient for this. However, after the European Patent has been registered, in countries where the patent is required to be valid, translation of the patent is made and fees are paid and validation is performed. More Information European Patent Application In most of the intellectual property rights, the principle of locality exists. This means that the right is protected in which country it is registered. This also applies to trademarks and a single application cannot provide protection all over the world. Today international trade is increasing, and if a trademark will be used abroad, there should also be registered. For a rights-holder who wants to protect his/her brand internationally, three ways are available... More Information International Trademark Integrated Intellectual Property Management, including patents, trademarks, design registrations and copyrights allows management of the intangible values to ensure maximum financial gain. With Integrated Intellectual Property Management... More Information Integrated Intellectual Property Management According to the data of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), more than 3,000,000 patent applications are filed annually in the world. This means more than 8,300 patent applications per day. The number of patents protected each year exceeds millions. More Information Workaround Patent


Kordinat acts as a proxy for the protection of all intellectual property rights, in particular trademark, patent and design.

Kordinat offers value added services in the fields of Innovation, R&D and New Product Development in order to increase the intellectual capital of companies and increase their competitiveness. It guarantees the values obtained as a result of these activities with intellectual property rights.

What Do We Aim?

Our main objective is to increase the intellectual capital values of our customers and to provide them with value-added services under the most favorable conditions in order to contribute to their competitiveness and to provide them with the material and moral gain we deserve.

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More About Us
Experienced Staff

Our staff consists of Turkish and European Patents of Engineers with an engineering background with many years of industry experience.

Effective Result

We prioritize increasing our customers’ competitiveness and creating added value in our works.

Extensive Network

We have an extensive network to ensure our customers’ intellectual property protection worldwide.


Patent, in general, is a protection certificate given to technological innovations. Most technological innovations are directly related to competition. Companies have to make innovation continuously in order to draw away. This is also applicable to other institutions and people



In the most general sense the trademark is the most distinguishing mark which represents all assets of an enterprise and is used to distinguish similar goods and services from other businesses’ goods and services. However, nowadays, the brand is not only for the goods or services produced, sounds, colors, scents are also used as a brand.



The word design is used in many areas. Generally, when it comes to design, it is understood designing a product or system in the sense of engineering especially in technical people. However, design in terms of intellectual property is the view composed of various elements or features that can be perceived by the human senses, such as the line, shape, color, form, texture, flexibility or ornament rather than technical elements. .



Intellectual property is not only a patent, trademark and design registration. Patents, trademarks and design registrations are values that require application and registration. These values are generally classified as industrial property. Copyrights, which is another area of intellectual property, which often does not require an application, concerns artistic or mental creations must also be managed. .



Our Consulting Services

Patented Product Development

Companies often develop products by traditional methods or gropely. Most of them do this by R&D studies or with their knowledge and experience. Research shows that many companies do R&D or new product development activities, whether systematic or not, to increase their sales.

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Freedom to Operate

In Freedom to operate reports prepared by KORDINAT attorneys, not only the risks and also the strategies that the firm can implement against these risks are presented. With such a work, the company sees possible risks and makes necessary revisions in its projects by taking pre-measures.

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Workaround a Patent

According to the data of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), more than 3,000,000 patent applications are filed annually in the world. This means more than 8,300 patent applications per day. The number of patents protected each year exceeds millions.

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Patent Litigation Consultancy

Only lawyers can manage patent litigations in Turkey due to the structure arising from the education system. However, patent litigations in the USA and some European countries are managed by lawyers of engineering origin.

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Copyright Consultancy

In the most general sense, rights to copyright that do not require registration such as patents, trademarks and designs are used as copyright in Turkey. The protection of copyright in Turkey is guaranteed national law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the international BERN agreement

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Transfer of Technology

Technology transfer is a exchange between a technological innovation and those who want to use it without the trouble of creating the same technology. Technology transfer technology developing companies …

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